Tom De Hoog | Metalweaver

Tom De Hoog is a prolific metal artist. He weaves forms of steel, copper and bronze with experimental and natural oxidizaton and patinas. His sculptures achieve an alchemical lyricism that reflects and defies the physicality of the process and the properties of the materials. One with his tools, Tom approaches his craft with a mix of determination, ingenuity and spontaneity, in open dialogue with chance.

Slender spiral of woven metal in gold, copper, steel and verdigris patinas with exposed interior structural spine and arms with suspension hook

Featured Work

I want the work to reflect the struggle of the initial idea as it travels through the hands and out into the metal. I often feel a spark of magic as the metal leads me into unforeseen discoveries. As I yield to its strength, it yields to mine and the partnership produces new surprises and fresh ideas…

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Observe. Converse. Collaborate.

Studio Visits Encouraged

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Louth, Ireland

+353 87 628 5998


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