There are few pleasures in our lives more enjoyable than the treasures we collect to help symbolize who we are. With the rate of change in our lives and all the choices available, sometimes it is hard to choose things that will last, that embody form + function.

I have taken time in my years as an artisan and craftsman to create objects that are decorative, engaging and functional. I have pursued this interest with interactive art—functional and artistic objects that can tell you the time as you enjoy the details and colors of the clock face, that you can visit each day in hopes of a special letter or small package, or that can warm you with flame on a cool night.

Repurposed plow disk with hammered copper center and stud hour markers with white-tipped hour and minute hands.
Fanciful post- or wall-.mount mailbox with hammered, green patina chamfer body and gable lid with colorful weaving on face.
Redwood stump base with hollow in top face fitted with edge conforming steel top with fuel reservoir and handled lid.